Gypsum Applications


Gypsum Applications

At Vornaco, as a mature gypsum supplier, we are supplying and exporting various kind of gypsum. In this article we introduce gypsum applications.

Raw Gypsum

The main factors in row gypsum are purity and whiteness. Based on gypsum applications we need different purity and whiteness.

Using Raw Gypsum For Making Cement

One of the mane applications of raw gypsum is using as a raw material for making cement. In this application the whiteness is not really important and also the purity should be just more than 88%.

Using Raw Gypsum For Making Gypsum Plaster

The other usage of raw gypsum is for producing gypsum plaster. Independence to using the gypsum plaster you need difference whiteness and purity. In the below we are mentioned the usages of gypsum plaster.

Gypsum Plaster Usages

Gypsum plaster use for to main applicant in building. The first is for initial coating. For this application the whiteness is not really important and the purity should be more than 90%. The second applicant is for final coating.  In this one the both factors (whiteness and purity) are very important and should be more than 95%.

Using Gypsum to making Statue

Another usage of gypsum plaster is use for making statue. In this applicant the whiteness is really important and this factor should be more than 98%.

Vornaco Gypsum

At Vornaco, based on our business relationships with the several main gypsum suppliers, we are able to supply and export all kind of raw gypsum and gypsum plaster in any size of inquiry.

In the next article we will introduce the main gypsum zones in Iran. And also for more contact please follow us on LinkedIn.

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