Portland Cement Type 1 – 425

Portland cement with high strength. This type of cement has higher compressive strength than the other type of cement produced in the company and is being distributed in class 425 and 525. 28 day strength in types 1-425 and 1-525 equals 425 kg/cm2 and 525 kg/cm2, respectively.

Usage of Portland Cement Type 1 – 425

Type 1 – Normal portland cement. Type 1 is a general use cement. Type 2 – Is used for structures in water or soil containing moderate amounts of sulfate, or when heat build-up is a concern. Type 3 – High early strength.

Vorna International Trading Company, based on the business partnership with the more than 50 large producers, is able to supply this in any size of demand with the affordable price.

Vorna International Trading Company aims at offering international business management services to the companies under the contract including minerals (Bentonite, Kaolin, Dolomite, Raw Gypsum, Crystal Gypsum, etc), construction materials (Cement, Gypsum Plaster, Gypsum board, etc), Cement Clinker, and so on.

Vornaco Portland Cement Type 1-425 Analysis

Please find our product analysis in the below.

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Portland Cement Type 1-425

Portland Cement Type 1-425

Packing of Portland Cement Type 1-425

At Vornaco we are able to supply the Portland Cement packing based on your demand. Also you can find the standard packing in the below.


Portland Cement Type 1-425

Bulk in Jumbo Bag

In this Packing Type, we put 1.5 mt of the cement in a jumbo bag and then put the bags in a container (for the small size inquiries) or put them directly on vessel (for the big size inquiries).


Cement Exporter

50 kg Bags in Jumbo Bag

In this Packing Type, we put 30, 50kg pp or paper bags in a jumbo bag. This type of packing is facilitated the loading and discharging the cargo.


Cement exporter


This packing is useful for the large quantity inquiries (more than 25,000 mt). In this packing type the cost of packing and shipment is reduced.

Cement Exporter