What is bentonite? And where to buy?

Bentonite is an old absorbent swelling clay .Bentonite is a clay generated frequently from the alteration of volcanic ash, consisting generally of smectite minerals, usually montmorillonite. Depending on the nature of their genesis, bentonites contain a variety of accessory minerals in addition to montmorillonite. These minerals may include quartz, feldspar, calcite and gypsum. The special properties of bentonite (hydration, swelling, water absorption, viscosity, thixotropy) make it a valuable material for a wide range of uses and applications. Bentonite has two types: sodium bentonite that absorbs a lot of water, and Calcium bentonite that absorbs less water but is a good absorber for oils and fats. Bentonite is used as a bonding material in the preparation of molding sand for the production of iron, steel and non-ferrous casting. The unique properties of bentonite yield green sand molds with good flow ability, compact ability and thermal stability for the production of high quality castings. Bentonite is used as a binding agent in the production of iron ore pellets. Bentonite in civil engineering applications is used traditionally as a thixotropic, support and lubricant agent in diaphragm walls and foundations, in tunnel construction, in horizontal directional drilling and pipe jacking. Bentonite, due to its viscosity and plasticity, also is used in Portland cement and mortars.  Another conventional use of bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Its roles are mainly to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings and to lubricate the cutting head. It is utilized in oils as a removal of impurities. In mineral water, and in products like sugar or honey, this product is used as a clarification agent. For animal food supplement bentonite is useful. And it also is used as an ion exchange for improvement and conditioning of the soil. When thermally treated, it can be used as a porous ceramic carrier for various herbicides and pesticides.Vornaco services to the people of the world in the field of bentonite sales

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