What is bitumen? And the best bitumen buying companies

Bitumen is an important component of our world. The substance is used for waterproofing, sealing, and insulating different materials in a myriad of industries. Apart from that, bitumen is used widely in road construction as a strong binder. Bitumen not only lowers costs of road construction, but it also reduces the need for maintenance and prolongs the service life of roads across the world. It is composed of complex hydrocarbons and contains elements such as calcium, iron, sulfur, and hydrogen. Bitumen is a petroleum based material, used for binding stones and sands. Because bitumen alone is not suitable for paving roads, so as a liquid binder, holds asphalt together, that is commonly used as a surface for roads, car parks and driveways. For the Marine construction industry bitumen is used for hydraulic applications such as canal lining, underwater tunnels, river bank protection, dam construction, and sea defenses. The majority of bitumen is produced by the distillation of crude oil.  In the normal process of an oil refinery, crude oil is heated in an atmospheric distillation column. So various parts of crude oil according to their molecular weight will separate. The heaviest part of the oil that remains at the bottom of the distillation column, is called Vacuum Bottom and forms the raw material for producing refined bitumen. Bitumen has two main types, natural and refined. The refined type of bitumen is produced by the distillation of crude oil, while the natural type of bitumen is extracted from bituminous sands and rocks that formed in nature within 360 million years. Based on properties of crude oils, bitumen has different grades too. Penetration grade and viscosity grade. Bitumen penetration grades are suitable for paving roads and other surfaces. Bitumen viscosity grade has four categories that each of them has certain applications and performs differently in various temperatures. VG 10, for instance, is widely used in spraying applications and surface coating. Other grades of bitumen, including cutback bitumen, oxidized bitumen, and bitumen emulsions are classified based on their production process.For more information, you can enter the Vornaco products section